YouTube Finally Release “Punishment” for YouTuber Logan Paul

Controversial video case of YouTuber Logan Paul had a long impact. After promising to act decisively on the famous creator of the prank video, YouTube is now actually giving “punishment” to Logan.

He was kicked out of the YouTube movie project Red The Thinning: New World Order. The New World Order was originally planned as a sequel to the previous film, The Thinning , which was released in 2016 and starred by Logan.

YouTuber Logan Paul

But with the release of Logan from the project, the New World Order’s work was postponed until the unknown time.

Not only that, a YouTube representative also said that the Logan channel was removed from the Google Preferred program that links the well-known channels with the advertisers.

“Regarding what happened lately, we decided to remove Logan Paul’s channel from Google Preferred,” said the representative, as summarized by KompasTekno from Polygon , Thursday (11/1/2018).

Logan reap criticism from various parties after uploading vlog videofrom his visit to Japan. In a video uploaded on December 31, 2017, Logan showed the body of a suspected suicide victim in the Aokigahara forest.

He also joked after finding a corpse so that it was deemed to have no respect for the suicide victims in Aokigahara known as “the suicidal forest”.

After causing a negative reaction, the video in question then later removed by Paul only a day after upload. But the video has overdone collecting more than 1 million views .

Logan then creates a video apologizing and says it will stop creating templates for a while. But rice has become porridge. In a statement issued later, YouTube also said that Logan’s video violated the community guidelines .

Prior to Logan, YouTube had given Felix Kjellberg a “punishment” similar to PewDiePie’s alleged racist and anti-semitic words in a video uploaded in February 2017. (Read also: YouTuber Richest Fired for Anti-Jewish Assessment and Nazi Pro )

Like Logan, Kjellberg was kicked out of the YouTube Red project and removed from the Goolge Preferred program.

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