Want To Remove The WhatsApp Group’s Permanence Because Of The Noisy Chat? Here’s how

Have you ever be in a group chat WhatsApp whose members are very disturbing and noisy? For example, you are in a group whose members often gossip, sway, or spread false information. Or you are even in a group that is no longer active after an event ends.

delete WhatsApp group

If you are still confused, here is how to delete the group.

First, you can go to WhatsApp app on your smartphone , then go to the group you want to delete.

To delete a group from your smartphone you can choose to leave the group, tap and hold group in group name until the option to exit from group.

Then, there will be a dialog box that ensures that you really will get out of the group. Select EXIT .

After the exit of the group, you can set and hold the group in the group name once again until the group icon has a checklist mark .

In the chat interface section will also appear various options such as pins, garbage, and mute . choose the trash option to delete the group.

Any annoying WhatsApp group will disappear from the smartphone and you will be free of the annoying chats inside.

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