Want to be a Global Top in Mobile Legends? 5 Tips You Should Try

So one of the mobile games that are loved, fair when various Mobile Legends tournaments are held in various places with prize money reaching hundreds of millions. Through the lure of an enormous amount of prize money, it is not surprising that many young gamers want to be global top in Mobile Legends.

tips mobile legends

If you achieve top ranking in Indonesia or even globally, it is not impossible for you to be glanced by professional eSports team to join the team and compete in the national to international arena.

Well, for those of you who want to achieve top global rankings and the opportunity to play in a professional team for mobile legends games, there’s no harm to follow some of the following tips.

1. Often Play

Frequent play is one quick way to pursue a win rate hero and increase the number of stars as much as possible.

In addition, the more often play with a certain hero, you will know more of the advantages and disadvantages of favorite characters are played.

Even so, do not play the game too long and excessive.

2. Unemployment Strategy

Like playing football or other sports, when main ranked in Mobile Legends you must have a good strategy and compact.

It’s a good idea to watch (watch) various professional teams matches, and be able to ‘learn’ using their strategy when you play.

3. Compact

Because playing in a team, it’s good to always maintain compactness when fighting. Whether playing with known or foreign teammates, tolerance is one way of solid team and winning battles more easily.

So, always pay attention to your friends while playing yes.

4. Do not give up easily

Often lost when main ranked? Do not be frustrated, because this defeat can be a lesson to know what is wrong with your style of play or your strategy.

Due to the pursuit of global top ranking, strong mental and abusive defeat is a valuable experience as well.

5. Many Friends

If you have many friends in Mobile Legends, then we can invite them to play together so that it can avoid the player noob (amateur player) while playing.

Not only that, having many friends will also make our popularity increase because it could be friends will watch us while we are playing and send us a diamond if we are good at playing.

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