Twitter Restore Blue Check Verification?

Twitter has recently quietly reopen the system  verified account by giving the blue check icon to multiple accounts. Chances are, Twitter is beginning to implement a new system to determine verification.

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Some of the lucky accounts that got the blue check icon were Michael Wolff, who wrote a controversial book about the dynamics of the White House under the administration of Trump, entitled Fire and Fury .

Followed by Mick Mulvaney, Head of the Office of Management and Budget of the United States, and one of Fast Company’s media editors, Anjali Khosla.

According to the provider of the Internet archive of Wayback Machine,Wolff’s Twitter account made in February 2009 does not have a blue check icon. Wolff just got it on January 3, 2018. Similar to Wolff, Mulvaney Twitter account created since July 2017, also recently got a blue check icon.

Anjali Khosla’s account got a blue check icon this week, after filing to Twitter a few months ago.

There has been no official confirmation from the Twitter about the restoration of this verification system. Previously, Twitter has made its policy regarding suspension of the general verification process in November 2017. The policy is motivated by Twitter step that gives blue check icon to Jason Kessler.

Because, Kessler is a party that organizes racial protests in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017. The blue check mark to Kessler’s account was deemed unworthy and Twitter supposedly supported Kessler’s action.

we summarized by Fast Company on Tuesday (9/1/2018), Twitter has not announced whether their new verification system is working or not. Otherwise, Twitter may only allow certain people to get the blue check icon.

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