Twitter Now Supports Tweets Up to 280 Characters

If Twitter previously limited only tweet characters to a maximum of 140 characters, it seems to be no longer valid for some users because Twitter has added the maximum number of characters into two 2x fold. So, Twitter general users can send 280 characters in one Tweet.

Twitter tweets

According to data obtained by Twitter, only 5% of all tweets use characters more than 140 characters and 2% more than 190 characters. But this data is collected before character limits change for most Twitter users.

With the addition of the number of characters up to 2x fold, of course we have to wait for the fact whether Twitter users will like the tweet longer, or they prefer a short tweet like when Twitter first glide with 140 character limit.

While Twitter’s reason for increasing the character limit is to bring more users who want a larger tweet capacity to express themselves more easily. But character limits are not raised for Japanese, Korean and Chinese users because the language of the country has a much more dense character in their language, unlike the characters in the alphabet.

However, those whose bounds have been raised will see a new circular character limit indicator, which replaces the old digital counter. What do you think, prefer tweet 140 characters or 280 characters?


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