Try These 3 Tricks If You Do not Want Your Internet Package Wasteful

When you want to go online – open social media apps, streaming video and music – on the go, you probably already know how big the app sucks data quota every day.Obviously this will be very annoying, especially if the money you spend to buy data quota is limited.

saving Internet data quota

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to save you the use of data quota on Android devices.

here are tips for Internet quota data saving quoted from Ubergizmo.

1. Limit Background Data

Limiting the background data is one of the most powerful ways to trim the use of data quota. To do so, you can go to Settings> Data Usage> Restrict Background Data.

Here, you can restrict the usage of each application by going to Settings> Apps (select the app) and restricting the data background.

2. Turn off Auto Update Feature in Applications

There are times when many Android users forget to turn off the auto update feature on the Google Play Store.

To do so, sign in to Google Play Store Settings, choose Settings, then sign in to the top selection, ie Auto Update Apps. Make sure select Auto-update apps over WiFi only. This way, the app on Android will only update when connected with WiFi connection.

3. Remove Apps that suck in Quota

To prevent quotas not quickly run out, you should remove or uninstall applications that suck up data quota. To see which apps suck up a lot of data, you just have to open the Settings menu and open Data Usage, scroll down and see which apps use the most data.


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