Here’s How to Make Polls in Instagram with Emoji Slider

Instagram released a sticker poll just for Stories named emoji slider. This new feature is a sticker and is already available for Android or iOS device users. Emoji slider is a new way for users to hold polls in Stories. Users can rate the polls using emoji.

instagram emoji slider

Through this feature, Instagram users can ask or find out how much interest their friends in Instagram to something. For example, you can ask the followers how much they like pizza. Then, you can see the average of their answers.

Here’s how to use this new feature:

Before you upload a photo or video in Stories, click on the sticker icon located at the top, then select a slider emoji. The emoji slider comes with a ” slider and smiley ” icon, which is next to the Poll sticker.

emoji slider

Afterwards, emoji stickers will appear on the content to upload. You can type the questions you want to ask the followers and upload them in Stories. You can also replace emoji smileys with other icons, such as fire and love.

emoji slider

emoji slider

When a photo or video with an emoji slider sticker has been uploaded, friends on the follower list can respond.

Just like using Poll stickers, Instagram users can also view poll results using emoji sliders.

emoji slider


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