Here’s How To Know All The Data That’s In Your Facebook Account

Facebook stores all user interactions while on the platform since they first joined. These data include data each time a user logs in, ads that user clicks, event invitations, public lists of followed figures, friends, home address information, messages sent and received, status uploaded, other.


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In general, can be spelled out if Facebook stores all the activities that users do. Facebook can learn the data. Similarly, as quoted from AsiaOne, Tuesday (27/3/2018).

Therefore, if there are unauthorized parties who get this access, they can learn the daily life of Facebook users, as did Cambridge Analytica.

Here’s how you can find out all the information that Facebook has about you. This may be useful as a souvenir when you decide you no longer use Facebook .

You can go to a page called ‘Accessing Your Facebook Data’. Do not be surprised if in the file there is a lot of your data, ranging from check-in , chats, credit card numbers, phone numbers, uploaded photos, and more.

How to Access Personal Data on Facebook

Access Personal Data

How to access your personal data on Facebook?

1. First you can go to then select Setting option.

2. Tap “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”

3. Tap “Download Archieve.”

4. This process takes a few minutes, but Facebook will notify when the data archive is ready.

5. When ready, click “Download Archive” again and a Zip file will be downloaded to the computer.

6. You can browse the archive by opening every file in the folder .

Do not be surprised with the content yes, the data describes what is known up about you for years you join in the social network made by Mark Zuckerberg’s.

Post Apology in the Newspaper

Mark Zuckerberg

After a few days of silence because of a Facebook data leak incident, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg officially apologized to all Facebook users and the public.

This time not through Facebook uploads or exclusive interviews with the media, Priscilla Chan’s husband also issued an open apology to the public through advertisements on a page of some of the leading newspapers in the United States.

Citing Ubergizmo, on the ad, Zuckerberg apologized to all users and the public and clarified the company’s position on the matter.

“You may hear about quiz applications from university researchers who leaked tens of millions of user data in 2014. I apologize because we did not do more things back then,” Zuckerberg said in a Facebook apology.

The company, Zuckerberg said, is now taking steps to ensure that data leakage like this will not happen again.

Zuckerberg continues, Facebook has stopped such applications from gaining access to a lot of user information. In fact, companies limit data provided to applications when a user signs in to an app using a Facebook account.

The company, Zuckerberg said, also conducted an investigation on each application that gained access to significant amounts of data before it was fixed.

Facebook suspects, there will be other applications that use user data and if Facebook finds these applications, companies directly block their access and report to affected users.

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