Guaranteed Powerful, 4 Google Features to Discover Lost Smartphones

For years, Google has just introduced some security features for Android. One of Google ‘s most interesting features is the Device Manager service that helps us find our Android device if it’s lost. It was refined last year in the Find My Device feature.


Features that exist in Android KitKat to the latest this, of course very useful. The reason, to know where we are where the device when theft, this feature so the only role that is very helpful.

Google also added some new additional features to make it easier for us in terms of user experience. Here are some additional features.

1. Displays the Last Locations

google maps update

If you lose your smartphone  and happen to be unrelated to the internet, so the location is now inaccessible, Find My Device will display the last known location of the Google Maps history.

Users can also directly open the location timeline provided by Find My Device to track the last locations of the loss of your smartphone.

2. Displays the Last Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi Access

Find My Device will also show you where your device’s last WiFi access is. This will help to find the location of your smartphone, even if the last location can not be reported.

3. Displays Battery Time

Battery Time

Find My Device will also show you what percentage of battery left in  your lost smartphone . This feature will make it easier for user estimation to get to the lost smartphone.

 4. Support on Android Wear And Google Home

Android Wear And Google Home

Now, Find My Device support is also gained by Google Home and also Android Wear.

So if your device turns on location, Google Home’s powerful speakers or your Android Wear-based sophisticated watch can command “OK Google,” then search for the smartphone  by voice only.

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