Google Chrome Will Get Tweak To Block Pop-ups That Disrupt

When you want to access a link, of course we’ve directed to another website unexpectedly, where the pop-up page is irrelevant. This is a tactic that many sites use to divert traffic to unwanted destinations. Google wants to prevent that from happening, where to protect Internet users from such actions, Google has announced a new tweak for Chrome that will block unexpected website redirects and annoying pop-ups.


Google Chrome new feature

Google mentioned that 1 out of every 5 feedback reports from Chrome users mentions ever encountering some kind of unwanted content. The company has committed to launching three new protections in the next few releases to block this undesirable behavior.

Unnecessary redirects usually come from third party content embedded in a website even though the website owner may not be intent on diverting traffic. In Chrome browser 64, Google will automatically block websites from redirecting users to other pages. This will show infobar instead of redirecting to another page, which will notify the user that there is a redirecting attempt.

What’s worse for users is when they click on a new link to open a new tab. Often, the original page then navigates to other unwanted web pages. Google sees this as circumventing its pop-up block so it will block this unwanted redirect in the main tab with Chrome 65.

Google also limits links to third-party websites disguised as play buttons, transparent layers on websites that capture all clicks, and more. Chrome 64 will be released early next year as it is still in pre-beta testing. The company has previously confirmed that the launch of Chrome will also automatically block voice playback.

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