Firefox Browser Will Notify Users If There is a Site Underwent Data Violation

For now, sites that are experiencing data breaches are not a strange thing anymore because today is often encountered sites targeted by attackers or hackers who follow their user data. Common users are unlikely to track the websites they visit, to find sites that have been attacked. That’s what drives Mozilla to bring a feature in Firefox that will show notifications to users when they visit websites that previously encountered data breaches.


firefox data breach notification

Mozilla is developing a notification system for Firefox that will display the security warning when a user visits a site that is infringing on data. This will use data from “Have I Been Pwned?”. For those of you who are not familiar, it is a website that indexes public data violations and lets users search to check if their data is leaking in any violation.

Mozilla itself has just begun the work of the new features, and the feature code will not exist in the current Firefox codebase, since the warning notification feature will be managed separately as an add-on. The development process is still in the early stages and this new feature will show notifications when a user visits a site that is experiencing data breaches.

Even this new feature includes an input field that might let users browse to check if their data is exposed in a data breach on that site. Unfortunately, at this time Mozilla has not confirmed when the feature will arrive for general users of Firefox browser.

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