End of the Month Super Mario Run Game Can Update Character and New World, And Discount Price 50%

End of 2016 iOS users enlivened by the presence of a new game called Super Mario Run, which at the launch of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, that game is become exclusive games for IOS devices. But about 3 months later, precisely date is March 22nd, Super Mario Run is also present for the Android platform, which makes the number of users of this game is increasing.

super mario run

Basically Super Mario Run games can be downloaded for free, and you can play some early stages . But if you are interested to continue the next stage, then you need to spend $11. Of course the price is set to open the game is full of fairly expensive for mobile game classmates.

While the excitement of Super Mario Run has subsided, Nintendo hopes to raise interest from the players by presenting an update that will be present for both Android and iOS. This new update will launch on September 29th, where the update will bring new characters and a new world.

That way, you can play this game as a Daisy character, and there will be a new world (World Star) that does not exist in previous versions. In addition, a remix game mode 10 randomly assigns you to ten different levels to continue to change the experience.

Upcoming updates can also replace Super Mario Run standard music with your own songs. Your character will be displayed using headphones to reveal that you have replaced music from a standard game with your own favorite songs.

But the best news of all this is that since the first day after this update is rolled out on September 29th to October 12th, you can buy this game in full at 50% off the normal price. With this discount, is expected to attract more Super Mario Run players.

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