Create Your Own Smartphone Projector, from the Used Shoebox!

Apparently there is just expensive technology that we can make your own or the term is Do It Yourself (DIY). Well, this time one of the easy but useful DIY project is to make smartphone projector from used shoebox.


This is useful for you who do not have a big screen television, but tired of looking at the laptop continuously while watching movies for a long time. We know by ourselves, using a projector will feel more comfortable in the eyes, also more fun. As a result, just turn off the laptop and create your own projector for your smartphone!

diy smartphone projector

The ingredients are easy. Only used shoebox with the width is roughly enough for your smartphone. Next, buy a loop that is made of plastic. Usually this is mostly found in major bookstores. Put a hole in the end of the box, then stick the loop that we have cut the handle. Next, create a smartphone stand from another box. Later, we will adjust the focus of the smartphone based on the distance with the glass. Here’s an explanatory video we found on YouTube:

No need to buy a projector for millions. Just make this tool and we have new entertainment in the room. The quality is not as sharp as expensive projectors, but the pleasure gained for making DIY project is the ultimate satisfaction, right?

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