Classic Game Gunstar Heroes Go to SEGA Forever Collection, Can Be Played For Free!

SEGA continues to present its classic games to the SEGA Forever platform, and now the classic game that goes into the SEGA Forever collection is Gunstar Heroes. But just like most other classic games that have entered into SEGA Forever, the gameplay performance of this game is not as good as expected from the original SEGA game.


Gunstar Heroes

The lack of Gunstar Heroes’ gameplay performance is because it runs on emulators, which of course makes optimizations require more resources, and it should not be a problem for SEGA to fix the problem before launching this game.

For those of you who are not familiar with the classic game Gunstar Heroes, then you should know that this game got a lot of reviews when launched in SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive. Game developed by this Treasure puts players in the character of the brothers Red and Blue, who started to become one of the best-selling game SEGA.

Like other shooting games, you can burn enemies by using a flame thrower or blow it up to pieces with homing missiles. Gunstar Heroes features local multiplayer and cross-platform over local Wi-Fi, so Android and iOS users can play together.

Basically this game you can play for free, but like most other free games, this game will display ads. To be free from advertising, you can pay $ 1.99. In addition, you will also get haptic support and controller, along with the option to continue your game progress.

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