After Pokemon GO, Niantic Will Present Harry Potter AR Game For 2018

In the year 2016, Niantic successfully presents an AR-based game (augmented reality) called Pokemon GO. Not enough that alone, the company will present the next AR game, which is still utilizing the AR and will benefit from another very popular franchise, namely Harry Potter.


Harry Potter game

As reported by TechCrunch, there is a new mobile game called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, co-developed by Warner Bros. The new game will be launched in 2018. Not much is known about the new AR game, only Niantic will greatly draw inspiration from the Ingress game, which is a less popular AR game.

For the Harry Potter game: Wizards Unite, players must collect power-ups, maintain locations and explore new environments while exploring the real world. In addition, Niantic is expected to implement real-world location into the in-game experience, namely Harry Potter: The Unite Wizards will likely benefit from the same location database built by Ingress and Pokemon GO games.

Is this time Niantic will be able to attract the attention of the audience by presenting a game like Pokemon GO but using the Harry Potter franchise? As is known, the mobile gaming market is very crowded but for AR game is not easy, because this type of game requires quite a lot of resources and experience. Reflecting from the experience of successful companies making AR Ingress and Pokemon GO games, it seems not difficult for them to bring AR game again.


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