5 Ways Google Lens Use for Various Needs

Recently, Google has announced the presence of Google Lens for all Android devices. The internet giant integrates this feature with the Google Photos app for use.

“Starting today, Android users can use Google Lens to make contacts by photographing business cards or information from reputable buildings,” wrote a Google Photos Twitter account last month.

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Although already released, unfortunately not a few Android users do not know the function of Google Lens. In fact, this feature can be used for various needs, such as translating sentences or knowing an object.

For that, We will provide some tips on using Google Lens as quoted from Make Use Of. Curious, refer to the following article.

1. Finding A Good Brand

For starters, Google Lens on many Android devices is embedded in the Google Photos app. Therefore, you can access it by opening the app.

You can use it by taking a new picture or an image already saved in the gallery. Next, you just open the Google Photos app and choose the Google Lens icon to enable it.

One way that this feature can do is to know the brand or the name of an item. How to use it is easy, you just take pictures of things you want to know.

Then, open in the Google Photos app and choose Google Lens. Later, Google Lens will display search results from reading the object and displaying search results directly on the smartphone screen .

2. Finding Similar Items

In addition to identifying an object, Google Lens can also search for other items that have similarities. This can help you find an alternative to an item.

For example, when you run Google Lens in an image that has a specific quote, this app will later be able to provide search results for other products that have similar quotes.

Not only that, you can also take photos of products in a store. After that, assisted by Google Lens, you can find out other stores that also offer similar products, including pricing information.

3. Knowing Unknown Objects

Another very helpful function of Google Lens is knowing an unfamiliar object. This ability can help you while you’re traveling to a place you’ve never been to and want to know the name of the object around.

You simply take a picture of a building or landmark of an area, including if there are plants you want to know. After that, Google Lens will display the search results.

4. Taking a Photo of Information from a Document

Another feature that is not less cool than Google Lens is the ability to recognize text. You can take a picture from any document, and this application will recognize the text in it.

After that, the app will turn it into removable text. You can copy them to the registrar app, share them with friends, or send them via chat and email apps .

5. Copying Direct Information from Business Cards

The ability to recognize text in Google Lens can also be used to copy the information on the business card. All you have to do is take a picture of the business card you want to get the information.

After that, the information can be directly copied to be stored in contacts. Not only that, Google Lens can also provide search results in the form of images or instructions via Google Maps from the displayed address.

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